Claire, Who Has Two Children Younger Than 5, Is Skeptical Of Big Pharma.

Claire, 32 Social worker, Oregon There are a few reasons Claire vapes marijuana, and they are the same regardless of whether shes pregnant: headache , cramps, nausea or, she said, if Im in a terrible, terrible mood, really impatient and irritable. Expecting her first child, Claire vaped once a week in her third trimester. But with her second child on the way, she took a puff or two every other day then went weeks without. She vapes because she doesnt get as stoned as she might with a joint, she said. Claire, who has two children younger than 5, is skeptical of Big Pharma. I have been called a hippie before, she said, adding that she has an aversion to prescription medicine. While pregnant, she lived in Oregon, where pot is legal, and in another state where its not. In neither place did she tell her midwife Medical marijuana about her marijuana use. Stigma is the only reason, she said. Just anywhere, people dont like pregnant women to smoke pot. But Claire did check the internet for research on marijuanas potential harm to developing fetuses. She found a small study done in Jamaica that had tracked pot-smoking mothers-to-be who didnt use tobacco or drink alcohol. The researchers found that infants exposed in the womb to THC marijuanas main psychoactive ingredient were more alert and better able to regulate themselves at 30 days old than babies whose mothers had not used marijuana. She took its findings with a grain of salt, but admitted that the study comforted her.

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