Charges Allege Bultman And Owens Drove The Marijuana Oil Valued At $500,000 Or More To New York In An Armored Truck And Then Entered Faulty Information In The Database That Tracks Shipments, Suggesting The Oil Was Taken To A Waste Facility To Be Destroyed.

A third Minnesota Medical Solutions executive was named in the complaint, but wasnt charged. Charges allege Bultman and Owens drove the marijuana oil valued at $500,000 or more to New York in an armored truck and then entered faulty information in the database that tracks shipments, suggesting the oil was taken to a waste facility to be destroyed. Investigators said they obtained text messages in which Bultman repeatedly referred to a specific kind of oil as Christmas red. An early December 2015 email from a New York facility employee obtained by investigators read: Laura is here today with Christmas presents from MN. Minnesota Medical Solutions Medical marijuana previously underwent a surprise inspection conducted at its facilities in Minnesota and Otsego in New York. This was followed by an inspection of the Perth facility by the New York State Department of Health. When the investigation was first made public in June, the company said allegations are unfounded and were made by a disgruntled former employee in Minnesota. Claims from an affidavit by ex-employee fired in April alleged Vireo Health, which employs about 25 people at Tryon, illegally transported marijuana oil into New York state. Vireo Health of New Yorks 208,000-square-foot facility is the only tenant of the Tryon park and began selling its state-licensed medical marijuana at the start of 2016. It is one of five companies issued licenses in New York to manufacture and sell medical marijuana by the state Department of Health. The state has allowed those companies to operate 20 authorized dispensaries. Vireo controls four of the dispensaries, located in Queens, Albany, Broome and Westchester counties.

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