Butte County’s ‘Measure J’ medical marijuana initiative headed to November ballot

A medical marijuana advocacy group has gained enough signatures to put another measure on the November ballot for Butte County.

A month after Butte County residents voted for even stricter restrictions on medical marijuana grows, and two years after measure a passed, the inland cannabis farmers association is putting forward a new measure.

According to advocates, the new measure is a fresh start for medical marijuana growers and will replace measure a, which was voted into law in 2014, which restricted marijuana growers to 150 square feet.

Advocates say the new measure will place regulations on grows and treat as a commodity.

“Treating it like an ordinary commodity allows us to have all the controls and restrictions and restraints are necessary to make sure we are able to be good neighbors with each other and take care of the product and the people,” said Jessica McKenzie of the association.

In the most recent vote, butte county residents voted to enact more restrictions with measures G and H.

McKenzie says both those measures were passed because of confusing language and measure J will help clear any confusion.

To read more: http://www.actionnewsnow.com/news/butte-county-s-measure-j-medical-marijuana-initiative-headed-to-november-ballot/

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