But Ultimately, It Was A Temporary Remedy For Her Complicated Basket Of Neurological And Physiological Conditions.

So we did our own independent research, talked to a Colorado Springs family whose son had great success using CBD to treat Green Rush his Crohn’s disease symptoms, consulted with other medical professionals and friends — and entered a whole new world. Two physicians signed off on our daughter’s application for a medical marijuana card. She became one of more than 360 children under 18 to join Colorado’s medical marijuana registry in 2015. And we became pediatric pot parents. Members of Congress can snag two free joints on 4/20 For Veronica, CBD provided more relief than all the other mainstream pharmaceutical interventions she had endured, and without scary side effects. But ultimately, it was a temporary remedy for her complicated basket of neurological and physiological conditions. We were glad for the chance to try CBD at the recommendation of medical professionals, and glad that so many other families are having success with it. Our experience showed us the importance of increasing therapeutic choices in the marketplace for all families — and trusting doctors and patients to figure out what works best. It flies in the face of current science to classify CBD oil as a Schedule I drug, as the feds did at the end of 2016. Nor does it make sense to draw the line at CBD if some patients and doctors believe the benefits of THC therapeutically outweigh the potential harm.

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