But The Cannabis Being Supplied To Researchers Currently Is Far From Something You’d Typically Buy In A Dispensary In Denver.

https://t.co/UKNSYwqPWQ pic.twitter.com/IbQv8p5NWu Washington Post (@washingtonpost) March 13, 2017 Though it’s relatively simple to grow, the quality of cannabis you can purchase (legally or illegally) in the United States can vary greatly. Lighting, air quality, humidity and pests can all play a massive role in the end product, so growing weed may be pretty easy, but growing great weed can be pretty taxing. As the Post points out, when researchers are testing the effects of marijuana, they need to test the real thing that people are actually growing, buying and consuming. But the cannabis being supplied to researchers currently is far from something you’d typically buy in a dispensary in Denver. Or getting from an illegal delivery service in New York City. View photos Some decent weed. Not the bad stuff. More Image: Jon Santa Cruz/REX/Shutterstock And while weed comes in plenty of colors, shapes, densities and sizes, the pot analyzed by PBS and the Post looks extremely yellow and filled with stems. Sue Sisley, a researcher with MAPS studying the medical effects of marijuana on U.S. veterans suffering from PTSD told PBS the weed supplied to them for Green Rush the study doesn’t even smell like weed. It doesnt resemble cannabis. It doesnt smell like cannabis,” she said.

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