“but If I Didn’t Have Neuropathy, I Would Not Have Been Able To Get A Medical Marijuana Card.” New York Medical Marijuana Patient Karen Rodriguez With Her Prescribed Vape Pen.

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New York medical marijuana patient But she was eligible to participate in the program only because she suffers from neuropathy linked to diabetes — not because of her debilitating chronic pain. “There are days when I can’t move in the morning when I get out of bed, because of the joint pain and the nerve pain,” Rodriguez said. “But if I didn’t have neuropathy, I would not have been able to get a medical marijuana card.” New York medical marijuana patient Karen Rodriguez with her prescribed vape pen. (Courtesy of Karen Rodriguez) New Yorkers who suffer from chronic pain will finally be able to find relief with cannabis without violating state laws later this year, after the state Department of Health (DOH) finalizes the steps it began on Dec. 1 when it announced that it is adding chronic pain to a list of qualifying conditions for the state’s medical marijuana program . State officials and cannabis industry analysts agree the move will open up access for thousands of chronic pain sufferers to the state’s medical marijuana program, which already included neuropathy, cancer, AIDS and other diseases as qualifying conditions. It is also expected to boost business for New York’s struggling medical cannabis providers. Most importantly, according to Dr. Stephen Dahmer, the chief medical officer for Vireo Health, the move will provide state residents with an alternative to the addictive drugs that have fueled the nation’s painkiller crisis. “We’ll see patients using medical marijuana as a way to get off opioids,” said Dahmer, whose company is one of the five firms licensed to grow and dispense medical cannabis in New York.

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