But I, As Of This Date, I Am Unconvinced On Recreational Marijuana.

Fracking Cuomo has long promoted the alcohol industry, whose donors have bankrolled his election campaigns and whose businesses could be adversely affected by marijuana legalization. Cuomos office did not respond to International Business Times request for comment about marijuana-related scientific research or about his support for the alcohol industry. Cuomos move could carry significant political implications in the ongoing debate over drug policy because the New York Democrat is widely considered a potential 2020 presidential contender. Gallups most recent poll shows that 60 percent of Americans support legalizing marijuana the largest show of support in the surveys 47-year history. Democrats could benefit from that supportif President Trump’s administration cracks down on states that have legalized marijuana, as Trump’s likely Attorney General has signalled . Pro-legalization language is in the Demoratic partys official platform, but Cuomo could complicate his party’s efforts to present itself as a supporter of drug policy reform.And his position might be problematic for him in a Democratic presidential primary, pitting him against most of his own partys voters: Polls show particularly strong support for legalization among registered Democrats. During a Wednesday press conference, Cuomo said cannabis is a gateway drug, and marijuana leads to other drugs and theres a lot of proof that thats true… Theres two sides to the argument. But I, as of this date, I am unconvinced on recreational marijuana. As Politico first reported, the National Institute of Health notes that while some scientific findings are consistent with the Medical marijuana idea of marijuana as a gateway drug,in fact the majority of people who use marijuana do not go on to use other, harder substances. Some marijuana opponents have continued using the gateway drug argument to oppose legalization, even as that argument continues to be challenged by science . What is far less disputed by scientists and physicians is the comparisonbetween marijuana and alcohol with a wave of research concluding that the latter is more dangerous, and more definitively defined as a gateway drug.

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