But Furthermore, Only 8,000 Of Them Have Taken Medical Marijuana More Than Once.

That’s an issue in and of itself. But furthermore, only 8,000 of them have taken medical marijuana more than once. In other words, they’re not coming back. The reason is that the cost of legal medical weed in New York is beyond the reach of most people. The cost of purchasing medical cannabis is much higher than it is in states like Colorado or California. Whereas in those places medical herb will cost you between $15 and $25 a day, in New York, it’s more like $180 a day. For patients suffering from serious ailments like epilepsy, taking medical cannabis could cost upwards of $60,000 a year. Plans to allow more companies to sell medical marijuana in New York will hopefully be a step toward lowering prices. Business Is A Medical marijuana Bust for Medical Marijuana In New York Indeed, maybe the program just needs time to grow. While many patients find the program too restrictive, the state is slowly qualifying more conditions for treatment with marijuana.

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