Bush, And David Axelrod, Senior Adviser To President Barack Obama, At Times Attended Nsc Principals Committee Meeting But Were Not Named Members Of It.

The CIA hasnt been among the National Security Councils principals since 2005. “The president has such respect for (CIA) Director Pompeo and the men and women of the CIA that today the president is announcing that he will amend the memo to add CIA back into the NSC,” White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer told reporters. “So I Green Rush know that there was tweet yesterday from the former national security adviser that said, where is the CIA out of everything?” Trumps move Monday seemed to do little to mollify critics concerned about Bannons former stewardship of Brietbart News, a website thats published articles many construed as racist, misogynistic, and appealing to nationalists. Collins noted that Karl Rove, a senior adviser to President George W. Bush, and David Axelrod, senior adviser to President Barack Obama, at times attended NSC principals committee meeting but were not named members of it. What Im concerned about is the presidents executive order reorganizing the NSC in a way that removes the director of national intelligence, the only person who can provide a comprehensive overview of intelligence on a policy issue, and the chairman of the joint chiefs of staff, the only one who has the comprehensive view of the military consequences of a particular policy from the principals committee, she said. Sanford worried that Trump is shaking up the NSC structure simply for change sake. Not every institution needs to be broken to bring about change in Washington, he said. Ive spent my life fighting for change, but when the institution is working there is a time to trust institutional wisdom. EDITORS: BEGIN OPTIONAL TRIM He cited allegations of group think that led to the Bay of Pigs fiasco in 1961. He said a security council needs to have different viewpoints and intense and open discussion.

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