Attorneys For Bultman And Owens Also Did Not Respond.

So several top Republicans who are part of the majority in the Legislature are pushing to give the state explicit authority to revoke a manufacturers license and hit the company with a $1 million fine and stiff penalties. They could eventually become law as part of a massive health care budget. Some lawmakers who supported the legislation that legalized medical marijuana sales in 2014 said Thursday theyre incensed that one of the companies entrusted with manufacturing and selling medical marijuana allegedly broke the law so blatantly. This was a big risk for some of us. We wanted it done well, and we need everybody involved with this to hold themselves to the highest standard, said Sen. Michelle Benson, a Republican who backed medical marijuana legalization but is now behind the push to strip one of its licensed manufacturers. The people responsible for executing it have put us in an incredibly difficult place. Company chief executive Kyle Kingsley did not immediate respond to a request for comment. Attorneys for Bultman and Owens also did not respond. Minnesotas 2014 law made its program among the strictest of the more than two dozen states that have legalized medical marijuana, limiting availability to Green Rush patients with just a handful of serious conditions and banning the plant from being sold or used only marijuana oils, pills and vapors are allowed. Minnesota Medical Solutions, or MinnMed, was chosen as one of two licensed manufacturers in late 2014.

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