At Medical Cannabis Consumers Can Consult With A Doctor Via Real-time Video, Obtain Answers To Questions From A Network Of Doctors And Experts, As Well As Research Then Buy Cannabis Products From Within The Hellomd Marketplace.

In addition to New York, PharmaCannis is currently serving patients in Illinois, will soon be operational in Massachusetts and Maryland, and has pending applications in both Pennsylvania and Ohio. The company expects to deploy HelloMD services in all of these states, where permissible. As PharmaCannis expands its product line and services in New York – and the state expands access to its program – we found a partner in HelloMD that could help us accelerate our reach and brand awareness across this growing market. Jeremy Unruh, General Counsel of PharmaCannis HelloMD’s stellar reputation in California along with their thoughtful approach to community-oriented services made working together a priority for us. We look forward to collaborating with HelloMD across all our markets. HelloMD is one of the nation’s largest online community of medical cannabis patients, experts, brands and trusted retailers, offering today’s cannabis patient a full turnkey experience. At medical cannabis Medical marijuana consumers can consult with a doctor via real-time video, obtain answers to questions from a network of doctors and experts, as well as research then buy cannabis products from within the HelloMD Marketplace. For more information about HelloMD, or to join its growing member community, visit or follow us on Facebook (@HelloMDcompany) and Twitter (@HelloMD_com). PharmaCannis is one of the largest medical cannabis providers in the nation, with eight dispensary locations and three production facilities currently operating across multiple states, and more on the way. Focused on elevating cannabinoid-based therapies to their rightful place in the healthcare industry, PharmaCannis offers pharmaceutical grade cannabis products to patients looking for relief from qualifying severe medical conditions. For more information about PharmaCannis, please join us at or follow us on Facebook and Twitter.

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