And Including Beacon Securities Limited (the Underwriters) Pursuant To Which The Underwriters Have Agreed To Purchase, On A Bought Deal, Private Placement Basis, C$15,000,000 Aggregate Principal Amount Of Unsecured Convertible Debenture (the Convertible Debentures) At A Price Of C$1,000 Per Convertible Debenture (the Offering).

The Loan Facility: The Loan Facility consists of a credit facility between iAnthus’ wholly owned Colorado subsidiary, Scarlet Globemallow, LLC (“Scarlet”), and TGS’ parent company in the amount of US$7,500,000 . The Loan Facility has a term of one year, and interest on borrowings is payable at the rate of 14% during the first 4 months, escalating to 23% for the remaining 8 months.The Loan Facility will be drawn in tranches over the next four months, with the first tranche being US$2,150,000 .The Loan Facility includes personal guaranties from the owners of TGS’ parent company.The investment is an arm’s length transaction and iAnthus holds no ownership interest in TGS or its parent company. “TGS’ operational advice and involvement with iAnthus in our four current investments will leverage the years of experience that TGS has acquired in becoming one of the largest operators in the US and is expected to translate into meaningful benefits for iAnthus’ current investments including operational efficiencies and product formulation,”said iAnthus CFO, Julius Kalcevich . Bought Deal Private Placement of Convertible Debentures Read More In conjunction with the Credit Facility, the Company has entered into an agreement with a syndicate of of underwriters led by Canaccord Genuity Corp. and including Beacon Securities Limited (the “Underwriters”) pursuant to which the Underwriters have agreed to purchase, on a bought deal, private placement basis, C$15,000,000 aggregate principal amount of unsecured convertible debenture (the “Convertible Debentures”) at a price of C$1,000 per Convertible Debenture (the “Offering”). The Convertible Debentures will bear interest from the date Marijuana Stocks of closing at 8.0% per annum, payable semi-annually on the last day of February and August of each year. The Convertible Debentures will have a maturity date of 24 months from the Closing Date of the Offering (the “Maturity Date”). The Convertible Debentures will be subject to redemption, in whole or in part, by the Company at any time after 12 months upon giving holders not less than 30 and not more than 60 days’ prior written notice, at a price equal to the then outstanding principal amount of the Convertible Debentures plus all accrued and unpaid interest up to and including the redemption date. Upon a change of control of the Company, holders of the Convertible Debentures will have the right to require the Company to repurchase their Convertible Debentures, in whole or in part, on the date that is 30 days following the giving of notice of the change of control, at a price equal to 104% of the principal amount of the Convertible Debentures then outstanding plus accrued and unpaid interest thereon (the “Offer Price”). If 90% or more of the principal amount of the Convertible Debentures outstanding on the date of the notice of the change of control have been tendered for redemption, the Company will have the right to redeem all of the remaining Convertible Debentures at the Offer Price. Net proceeds from the Offering will be used primarily for funding the Credit Facility and for general working capital purposes. About iAnthus Capital Holdings iAnthus Capital Holdings, Inc., through its 100% owned subsidiary, iAnthus Capital Management, LLC, delivers a comprehensive solution for financing licensed cannabis cultivators, processors and dispensaries throughout the United States .

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