AgraFlora Organics International Inc. (OTCMKTS:PUFXF) has provided guidance regarding the integration of its proprietary
CBD formulations collection and manufacturing processes at its GMP-certified
facility in Toronto.

AgraFlora formulations have 99% THC potency

The company has
indicated that the on-going integration of the manufacturing equipment at the
GMP-certified Toronto facility is being customized to support the company’s
proprietary micro-diffusion technologies hence optimizing the bioavailability
and solubility of CBD products. the company’s CBD formulation catalogue has
already been deployed successfully across dispensaries in in Colorado. The
formulations’ have a THC potency of around 99% which exceeds the domestic
standards that require less than 10% potency.

AgraFlora has
contracted nutritionists, food engineers and scientists to improve
bioavailability and enhance dosing protocols as well as flavouring licensed
formulations. The company plans to continue leveraging its processing assets
and production as well as further activate its downstream activities through
the launch of CBD-infused drinks, personal care products and edibles produced
with the micro-diffusion tech.

The company’s
in-house science consultancy arm comprises of microbiologists and America
Institute of Baking certified bakers. AIB is a renowned institution in quality
management and food safety that employs enhanced production practices for
leading world food conglomerates such as Nestle, Heinz and Kraft.

The state of the art facility in Toronto

scientists and nutritionist have done so much for various fortune 500 companies
having created several turnkey recipes that have resulted in more than $300
million in sales revenue. With close to 3 decades of experience in the CPG food
product development industry the company’s in-house development team has
created a portfolio of popular products in the industry of companies such as
Dean Foods.

Recently the
company’s in-house product formulation scientists introduced the scalable
formulation of shelf stable CBD/THC-infused edibles in the Colorado market. The
company’s Toronto facility is already undergoing necessary licensing in
anticipation for the Health Canada topicals, edibles and beverages regulations.
The facility has been outfitted with special pharma-grade mixing tanks that
have been designed to sustain the high processes need to produce quality brew
teas and coffees. The facility is one of the most advanced CBD-infused drinks
manufacturing facilities in world.