After Approval, You Still Have Access To Your Online Doctor For Any Follow-up Concerns, And Nuggmd Then Helps You Get A Hard Copy Of Both Your Marijuana Certification And Card.

And here’s the best part: registering with NuggMD and undergoing a video consultation costs you nothing — zilch — unless you are approved for a medical marijuana evaluation and card. If you don’t pass the smell test, the whole process is free. But don’t worry, because NuggMD is now the main hub for NY medical marijuana patients to hook up with licensed doctors and obtain a medical card online. If NuggMD can’t help you become a legal medical cannabis patient — no one can! (not totally true, but it might as well be) Once you’re approved by a NuggMD-recommended doctor, you pay just $199 for a first-time certification by the New York State Department of Health (DOH) Medical Marijuana Certification Program and $99 for a yearly renewal, the lowest price we’ve seen across the entire state. After approval, you still have access to your online Green Rush doctor for any follow-up concerns, and NuggMD then helps you get a hard copy of both your marijuana certification and card. But wait, there’s more! After helping you find an MMJ doctor and obtain your cannabis credentials, NuggMD will help you locate a nearby dispensary approved by the New York State Medical Marijuana Program, as well as help inform you about the latest cannabis products and laws in the state. Joining NuggMD is like having an uncle in the medical marijuana business! A brief history of New York State’s marijuana laws In the beginning, Marijuana was illegal in New York, as it was in all the other states. The Beatnick movement and the Greenwich Village scene of the 50s and 60s, however, were wellsprings of weed.

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