A Closer Examination Of What It Would Take To Put Into Effect Mr.

Its all in the details. The economic indicators are certainly heartening, the managers say, and Mr. Trumps ambitious policy agenda which includes a market-friendly triad of top priorities in rolling back regulations on businesses, overhauling corporate taxes and spending $1 trillion in infrastructure projects looks encouraging, too. That If deep cuts to regulations and a tax overhaul are pushed off to next year, for instance, or if no clear plan emerges anytime soon to rebuild the nations physical structures, there is plenty of room for disappointment. The stock market may be currently expecting a best-case scenario for policy implementation, Alan Fournier, the founder of the multibillion-dollar hedge fund Pennant Capital Management in Summit, N.J., said in an interview shortly before the Dow Jones industrial average closed above 21,000 for the first time, on Wednesday. A closer examination of what it would take to put into effect Mr. Trumps initiatives, like a proposal to impose new import taxes, suggests that market participants might be overly excited, Mr. Fournier added. A lot more skepticism exists in currency and bond markets, said Mr. Fournier, Medical marijuana stocks who looks at the prices of those assets, rather than at stocks, when he needs a powerful gut check. He declined to discuss his current investments in detail.

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