9 Letter From Savino Congratulates Trump On His Election Victory.

Patients must be certified by their doctors — who must take a training course to prescribe the treatment — and by the state Health Department, Marijuana Stocks which oversees the program. The controlled substance is still illegal under federal law. The Dec. 9 letter from Savino congratulates Trump on his election victory. “I am writing to encourage you to direct your Attorney General-Designate Jefferson B. Sessions, III to respect the wishes of the citizens and elected officials of 29 states and allow carefully regulated and closely monitored medical cannabis programs to continue without undue interference from the federal government,” Savino wrote. She noted the significant revenue both recreational marijuana in places like Colorado, and medical marijuana in New York and elsewhere, can generate. “Simply put, the cannabis industry presents tremendous opportunity for entrepreneurs, and unnecessary federal restrictions and limitations on it are an unwelcome interference with free commerce,” Savino wrote. “During your campaign, you spoke often about unnecessary federal regulations and their negative effect on our economy – this is a classic example of that.” While the Department of Justice spends its time prosecuting black market marijuana sales rather than the medical marijuana programs in 29 states, Savino fears Sessions’ firm anti-marijuana stance may harm the program.

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