18): As A Concerned Long Beach Citizen, I Write This Letter To Express My Opinion On One Of The Propositions Discussed By City Leaders And Marijuana Industry Members To Create A Cannabis Education Campaign.

I never met him because he was in Georgia and I was in Mississippi, but I know the esteem in which he is held both in the Civil Rights movement and by people who care about human rights. I have followed his career through the decades he has served in Congress, Marijuana Stocks and I know that John Lewis is a civil rights legend who deserves honor and respect. Trump has earned neither. Donna Leslie-Dennis, Long Beach Re Marijuana industry, Long Beach leaders agree on cannabis education campaign (Jan. 18): As a concerned Long Beach citizen, I write this letter to express my opinion on one of the propositions discussed by city leaders and marijuana industry members to create a cannabis education campaign. The idea will only caution the future users of cannabis against driving impaired. Yet, they will be allowed to drive without having any information in how cannabis impairs them as drivers. The majority of cannabis users and members of the industry will defend the use of the drug by presenting the following conclusion: marijuana has never caused any automotive accidents. However, the Long Beach City Council and marijuana industry should investigate and do more research before any educational campaigns or plans are discussed.

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