New York Medical Marijuana Bill Stalls

DeFrancisco said there were too many scientific uncertainties about using the drug for medical purposes. He is one of the few politicians who publicly sides with the medical community in questioning the value of the drug . Related Articles Also See: Government’s Marijuana Contract Open for Bids, But Nobody Reaches for It DeFrancisco said during a phone interview with MainStreet that the medical experts he consulted told him the jury is still out on medical marijuana. “First of all, the people involved with drug addiction at Upstate Medical University said there is no science behind this,” he said. ” Second, we have a process to approve marijuana for medical use and that is through the FDA . But they have not done so.” DeFrancisco said that while he sympathizes with those claim it relieves their pain , there needs to be something beyond just getting relief. He noted that the medical researchers have not established the risks of the marijuana exceed its benefits. Besides there were other issues as well that concerned him. “How do you prescribe it?” he continued. “You get two and a half grams for the month with this legislation.
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