New York Governor Cuomo Harming Medical Marijuana Bill’s Chances

new york governor andrew cuomo cannabis

It appears that the momentum took a hit this weekend, when New York Governor Cuomo leaked a list of demands that would be required in order to sign off on the bill. Among those demands are: Banning smoking only vaporization, pill form, and edibles will be allowed No sharing of medical marijuana between patients A reduced list of qualifying medical conditions to become a medical marijuana patient Changes to the amount a patient can obtain/possess per month Medical marijuana doctors would need to have special certification to approve patients Out of state patients do not have protection while in New York Limiting the number of dispensaries allowed, and the number of organizations that oversee them Allow the Governor, at any time, to suspend the program These demands resulted in a public response from the bills sponsor, New York Senator Diane Savino. Per Daily News : Where I come from, you dont negotiate in the press, she wrote. Leaks from the governors office are an attempt to distract from the issue. The facts are many of his concerns are already addressed. We will not be dissuaded!
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