Here’s Why New York Needs To Legalize Medical Marijuana Now


“I can sleep. I can eat. I can see partially out of both eyes. I don’t suffer from side effects like my many other medications, and most importantly I can cope.” Since being diagnosed, Lauren has moved back in with her mother, who worries her daughter will get caught with pot. “If it were legal and bought from a legal dispensary, my mother would allow me to use medical marijuana. She hates watching me suffer, but she is afraid,” says Lauren. “Every day is a battle with my body, and medical marijuana helps me to fight. I shouldn’t have to break the law to get it.” CHUCK CULHANE Buffalo, New York “It feels like someone is sticking a knife in my back and twisting it,” says Chuck Culhane , 69, as he describes the pain associated with his spinal stenosis, a condition that causes a compression on the spinal cord. Chuck, who has had the condition for a decade, says he cannot stand or sit for more than a few minutes without intense pain. He’s been prescribed hydrocodone, a prescription narcotic, to ease the pain, but he says that the side effects, which include drowsiness, dizziness and nausea, make it difficult to live a normal life. Although Chuck has never used medical marijuana, he says he’d like to try it as a treatment for his condition, but he’s afraid to given the current marijuana laws in the state.
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