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Marijuana Legalization Gets Big Boost As Congress Bill Aims To Legalize Medical Strains

Her parents treated her with a strain of marijuana that was high in CBD, a non-psychoactive compound in marijuana, but low in THC, which is what causes the high in smokers. After ...

Rep. Perry Introduces Bill To Legalize Medical Marijuana Oil Nationally – Whp Cbs 21 Harrisburg – Top Stories

Congressman Scott Perry wants to legalize medical marijuana oil nationally for those who have epilepsy. This comes after a movement to do the same has largely stalled in Pennsylvania. ...
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New York Times Editorial Board Backs Marijuana Legalization

Reuters The editorial board of The New York Times has revealed its support for the legalization of marijuana in the United States. The statement of support came in an article ...

Flagship Financial Year For Cannabis Science (cbis:otc.qb) Arrives Amid New Medical Marijuana Legislation – Yahoo Finance

In addition to several recent announcements of clinical trials and other research surrounding their in-house, proprietary formulations of cannabinoid treatments, the company made waves ...

Editorials From Around Pennsylvania – New Jersey Herald

Keep in mind that a number of legislators, including former state Rep. Bill DeWeese, got into all kinds of legal trouble for having staffers doing campaign work on taxpayers’ ...